Thoughtful Facts

We’ve done our homework on the things that matter to you when choosing an office space. Then we’ve thought long and hard about how to deliver on all fronts.

  • 01
    72% of property directors believe businesses are picking up the bill for badly designed, energy-inefficient buildings.
  • 02
    By enriching work environments, employees are happier, healthier and over 15% more productive than they are in a lean, depersonalised work environment.
  • 03
    The quality and availability of workplace cycle facilities influences the career choices of more than half of respondents.
  • 04
    A company’s biggest asset leaves the building at 6pm every evening.
  • 05
    Open space
    Respondents value accessibility to open space, with 70% using open spaces at least once a week and almost one third using it every day.
  • 06
    Comfortable, well-ventilated, well-lit, safe workplaces increase productivity by as much as 16%, job satisfaction by up to 24%, and reduce absenteeism.
  • 07
    65% of workers say they would improve their performance if their offices were more comfortable.
  • 08
    Fit healthy staff
    Fit employees commit 27% fewer errors on tasks involving memory or concentration.
  • 09
    Corporate social responsibility
    Around 35% of European companies say that improving employee morale, hiring and retention and overall internal good will is considered one of the top three reasons for adopting CSR objectives.
  • 10
    Doing business in London
    Victoria Station (combined Network Rail and Underground) is the busiest central London terminal station, with 82 million Underground passengers, and over 136 million people passing through the mainline station each year.